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Our creative approach will provide you with a programme designed to deliver maximum impact.  From initial brief to finished production, we will guide you through a seamless process. Our experienced and creative team can deliver the latest film production techniques from complex motion control to a single camera interview.

We have extensive experience in producing ultra wide screen or multi-screen programmes for exhibitions and events, theatres, museums and other specialist venues. Jabod specialises in a variety of graphics and editing platforms. We operate the latest software to provide complete in-house solutions for video compositing, 2D animation and 3D modelling. The Jabod team offers a bespoke tailored service incorporating visualization, scripting, storyboarding, and post-production and replication. We combine state of the art technology with a no-nonsense common sense approach at competitive prices.

Post Production
This is when it all comes together. With the addition of music you begin to feel the rhythm of the finished product. Motion graphics drive your point home. In today’s world of easily accessible software, it seems like every basement is a post house. But like polishing a diamond from a rough stone, it takes a master’s touch to cut the right story from the raw material. We have the people and the technology to professionally produce your project. We are equipped to work with material in virtually any format, from legacy tape standards to emerging technologies like Ultra HD.

JABOD Ltd has a vast experience in creating complex 3D animations for the Aerospace sector, along with producing contemporary motion graphics for DVD, multi media and ultra wide screen presentations. We push the boundaries of design and actively look for new ways of producing dynamic sequences that have in them selves become classic contemporary designs.

Motion graphics have become an important tool in delivering the message. We believe that with good design they can be used in their entirety and reduce the cost for productions follow a conventional approach. We have created motion graphics for a variety of media, including titles, commercials, show stings, DVD menus and ultra wide screen presentations.


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